Friday, 29 June 2012

Nearly there

Well only 4 weeks to go and time to bring blog up to date and take stock of things.

Success - to me means finishing - in one piece - preferably quicker than last year.
Things have been going well up to now so it's just a case of ticking over until the event - not falling down a hole and breaking my ankle would be good.
Have all the stuff I need now, lessons learnt from last year - new lighterback up gear - lightweight poles to help me up Fusedale, I know what food/fuel suits me so will get it all set out and checked next week.
Hopefully I will live fully and enjoy every moment - it's what I aim to do.

So here's a run down of what I've been up to.  It's more of a photo blog than an in depth  examination, there's only so much time in a girl's day. LOL  Talking of girls I seem to have become quite girly in my old age, a quick look in my wardrobe revealved lots and lots of pink. who'd have believed it.

The Not Recce-  Recce
This was meant to be a recce of some of the route, but the only place with camping pods that we found that would accomodate Kona was at Boot  So off to Boot we went.  Made a slight error in heading over the passes instead of down through Workington etc, just don't tell my OH please he'd have a screaming fit at me.  Never mind made it over unscathed, even daughter was amazed at my prowess, I'm normally (according to her) a well lets put it this way - bad driver, but she said my handling of the car was epic. LOL

Boot is a gorgeous place and one I'll be heading back to in the future.  We did some walking, some eating , some sightseeing and some mucking about.

 This verse is very special to me - I have it pinned to my backpack, but mostly I carry it in my heart.
 This is attached to a gatepost in St. Olaf's Wassdale Head - only 48, a reminder to live and enjoy when we can.
 It's hard to believe looking at these pictures that the weather was so beautiful that week.
 Kona, very knackered after a day spent exploring the hills and swimming in the Tarns LOL
Now isn't that just THE most amazing place to camp.  It was an excellent campsite too.

Ignis Women's 10K Glasgow

Had a lovely day out at this event.  Went in a mini bus with others from the club, nearly all women except for the driver and Doug from club who acted as chaperone, lol.   I'm sure he had a great time coping with all the scatty women.  Great range of abilities in bus, from girls who run regularly for their respective countries Scotland and Ireland to girls doing their first race of any kind.  Brilliant.
My time was as expected, not a PB, but perhaps not a PB event just one to be enjoyed.

Moffat Mountain Rescue Challenge - Durisdeer Hills

Two reasons for taking part in this one - get more training in and raise some money for a very worthy
organisation.   What can I say, one of the hardest days of my life - well ok that's an exaggeration, but it was a hard day.   Very rough terrain, almost completly trackless, mostly grass, heather and bog, with some cruel ascents and steep descents and the weather was atrocious.  At least I know my kit can withstand lots and lots of rain.  The route was well marked, and marshalled though so no navigation necessary .

 Looking back to Ballencleuch Law from Rodger Law, about 4 miles or so to go to the end.  This was one of the easiest sections, and would make a brilliant run, so I am heading back up here after Lakeland.
Yes, I realise I have a Trigpoint growing out of my head, but unknown to me the poor marshall was hurrying off to a call out when I asked him to snap me.   That's Queensberry, I'm ashamed to say it's taken me 53 years to get there and I have been able to see it nearly every day for most of those 53 years.   Not a great photo but I'm proud of it.

Run4Health - Dumfries

My beginner at running club, came because she had entered this and had never ran a step before.  She did it and was justly chuffed.  Also in picture is S. from club with her boys who also did it and her friend A, who ran with G and me.  I think I may have persuaded G And A to enter the Women's 10k next year.   S is a seasoned and experienced ultra and trail runner so this was just a wee stroll for her.

Other stuff since last blog - Dog walks have continued and so has Monday night beginner sessions.
I have taken part in the Grasmere 10 K Trail Run which was excellent, one for next years calender.
Also taken part in a couple of handicap trail runs in Mabie Forest - organised by Les from club, we pay an entry fee and it goes to a charity - first one was for mine Guide Dogs.  £81.00 Woop -woop.
He aslo made us do the last one watchless.
Been using my treadmill - perhaps not as much as I should.

One of the biggest changes I've made over the last month is to my diet.  No I'm not on a diet but I have changed what I eat or don't eat really.    Have cut out bread and milk.   Still have  milk in first cup of coffee of the day, but otherwise black coffee.   Very little bread consumed which is a change from several times a day.   Soya milk now with cereal etc and have replaced Yoghurt with Soya dessert.
I feel much, much better in myself, less sluggish, less bloated and less inclined to crave sugar, so less sweets and cakes consumed.  All to the good.

That's about it for now so I'll put on one last photo.  I stole this from a friend's post on facebook.  Riss says it sums me up nicely.  Not one to ever take the easy way to do something.  Mind you she probably means if, there's an awkward way - I'll find it.

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  1. Great to read all about your recent adventure Susan. Are you getting excited about the race now? Not long to go... :)