Saturday, 27 October 2012

Not quite that time of year yet.....

Gosh it seems a lifetime away since my last post here.  Time to take a mini stock of things.   I will be doing the whole new plan thing just after Christmas as usual so hence the title- not quite that time of year yet.

I am spending from now until Christmas just kicking back and enjoying things.  No pressure, just relaxing stuff.  I defered my place for Glen Ogle until next year as I just can't get my fitness up in time plus one or two other factors prompted the decision and honestly it's like a weight has been lifted.  I am getting down to finishing my SVQ for work it's all coming together nicely now.  Thank God.

Yesterday I took the mountain bike and the dog and let loose in Ae Forest which is very close to where I live.  It was brilliant, a lovely day, coldish when I started out, but halfway up the first climb I had to disrobe a layer LOL.

I headed off on the blue route but at the top of the climb I saw a post which said, escape route to car park, so not knowing how much further blue route when I opted for that.  I have since discover that there's not that much difference in length. (Downloaded 7Stanes map of Ae)so will be giving that a go next. Think I may have done about five miles or so.  Managing gears a bit better now, I suppose it's only practice really.   Kona had an absolute ball, she had plenty of undergrowth to root in and more than enough water for her to splash about in.  I must admit Ae is lovely, but huge, and proably a bit scary if you get lost.  I did have a proper map and compass with me and stuck to marked routes, but well I get a bit experimental at times.   Now one thing I did this time was leave a note of where I was going and how long I expected to be.  So brownie points for me.
Kona found a scabby old ball in the car park and was not leaving without it.   I managed to foil her plans though, after all how many scabby old balls does one dog need to litter my house with.   That's Margaret bike on the bike rack there.  A present from a friend and we've already had a couple of adventures.   We entered the Kielder RunBikeRun, bike and I.    It was a lovely day which showed off Kielder very well and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A lass from Newcastle area and I came in joint last but what does that matter.   It did however show me that I have a lot to learn about biking.
So  what's next.  I was about to say not much but I have booked myself on a Navigation course in the Lakes, Ambleside in fact.  Having two nights in a B & B down there and am really looking forward to it.  I have much to learn navigation wise.  Bring it on.   Hopefully will get some Christmas shopping done too.
So that's a quick catch up on things.  I have plans in my head for next year, just need to get them down on paper ready for the start of training, but as I said just relaxing now until after Christmas.   When I think about it, it's been a hectic year and as I am not getting any younger LOL I think it's taken quite a lot out of me, more mentally than physically perhaps.  Re-charge batteries methinks.

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  1. Hi Sue
    It was good to read your latest blog and it looks like we are thinking on similar lines. I am also doing my last major event this weekend then takin time to reflect on my trainin, change or refresh my approach and certainly do a bit of battery recharging. Hope this stratey works well for you and you come back stronger next year.