Thursday, 2 January 2014

Goodbye 2013 hello 2014

Well it's out with the old and in with the new.  Well not quite, I thought about changing my picture of Fusedale but have changed my mind because Fusedale has such a pull on me for many reasons.
I have a love hate relationship with it.  On one hand there's no denying its beauty but on the other hand it makes me feel inadquate, it hurts me trudging up there more than any other ascents do.  I do realise that this is almost purely psychological now, so the picture will stay for another year as a constant reminder that I have demons to conquer.

There seemed to me to be a catalogue of failures and non starters in 2013, by the end of the year everything seemed to be crushing in on top of me, this did have a lot to do with work, but I have now entered 2014 determined to be much more positive and organised.   It wasn't all negativity of course and when I think back there were several highlights one of which came off the back of perhaps by biggest disappointment - not completing my Lakeland 50.  I featured in a magazine article for a women's walking magazine.  It came about because of a lady I met at one my navigation courses, she and I just happened to be in the same B & B at the 50 and when a friend of hers was writing an article she remembered and forwarded my details and the rest is history.

Another highlight was the Coniston Trail Challenge a brilliant day out with very cheery and good company friends, Kerry and Tracy who are also doing Lakeland 50 this year.  It was the event of the year really for me.  I cursed my way through about 3 miles of uphill, and inwardly laughed for the rest of the journey, revelling in the scenery and the sheer joy of being in the Lakes once again.  Much as I like company I do so enjoy being out in the countryside on my own with my own thoughts and what better way to do so than in one of the Lakeland Trails events, a nice safe way of being out there.

Another really good day was spent with more friends both running club ones and ones from the wee local trail running group, The Leverets, at the Drumlanrig Demon. This is a 10k race staged right on my doorstep in another of my favourite places Drumlanrig Country Park
2013 also saw me dipping my toe into structured training by going to the track for track sessions, very scary stuff but seems to be doing me good.

Also attended another navigation and mountain running skills courses held in the Lakes,  same instructor the ever patient Stuart Smith.  My buddy Kim and I are in for the GL3 Day Cafe' class in May so much navigation practice is needed.  We also climbed Blea Fell that day catching the view before the light started to really go.

So what's afoot for 2014. Well I'm starting off with positivity in all aspects of my life, I will not let negative people bring me down and I will "own" my work giving it my best shot.  If it's not going to work for me then it's time to re-evaluate and move on.  In running I'm going to knuckle down to training in a sensible way.  I'm way too old to kill myself chasing impossible dreams, but I do still want to do this thing, specially the trails and hills and the lonely places.  I want to continue adventuring with Kona and enjoying my nice friendly dog walks on a Sunday with the good friends I've made there.  I want to continue at track at least attempting to improve.  I'm not making any silly resolutions about losing weight, but I will now shop as ethically and locally as possible.  I will continue to be horrified about and sign petitions about animal cruelty.  I will keep raising funds for Guide Dogs. 
I also want to learn to climb and learn more about being in the great outdoors, I think it's time I knew how to use an ice axe and crampons just in case.  Oh and there's the little climb up Snowdon to get underway before Laura ties the knot.
So there we are, of course I want to enjoy being with my loved ones, but know that they don't necessarily share my passions but bless them they are always prepared to support me for which I am grateful.
So here we are Hello 2014 and in the words of my friend Maggie when she posts on facebook any runs she is planning for folk "bring it on".

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