Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Moffat Mountain Rescue 2014.

Sunday 8th June - Walk number 3.

Bilbo, Laura and I arrived in Moffat in torrential rain, felt this did not bode well for the days endeavours.  However we couldn't of been more wrong because the rain cleared and a rather lovely day appeared.  I opted for the number 3 walk this year because Bilbo hasn't been too great health wise and I was worried that the longer higher walk might prove too much for him, there was no need to worry though as he was perfectly fine throughout.  We had a great day, the Mountain Rescue drove us all out to the start and Moffat Gill put the fear of God into us by stating we may be out for about 5 hours.  Now the mileage was only 7 miles so I was seriously perturbed about her estimation of time.  I rather think she may have been ever so slightly mistaken, not sure what she was doing out there for that amount of time. (She is a very fit fell runner, so I can only think she was taking the time from a planning route walk or when setting out all the trail markers).  It certainly didn't take us long at all and we didn't exactly hurry and did stop for lunch half way round.

It was a great day out. Here are one or two photos.

Laura and I just before the bus came to take us to the start.

Laura and Bilbo with matching backpacks, this is the first mile and already going up.

We made it to the top of a very hard climb, chuffed we're not dead.
The reason why we are doing this, the help keep the MRT going.

The views on this walk were stunning so glad we had a good day to see them.

Very near the end, nice cheery chappie counting us all in, making sure everyone was fine.

Well that's us done for this year.  Roll on next year.


While we were up in the hills Rissa was checking out more low level Moffat routes that the dog walk Sunday lot could perhaps do.  So all in all we all had a really good day.  Even Kona who found new water to play in and new people to dazzle with her brilliance.

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