Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Where I'm at now and where I want to go.

It's been a while since my last blog - 7 months to be exact and to be honest I've not done a helluva lot since then.  Granted I did have 5 weeks in wonderful Australia in October and November then Christmas kicked in.  The run up to Christmas was busy as we decided to make a lot of our presents which does take more time and thought than just going and buying them.   However a chap called Tony decided to do this amazing challenge in December of doing a marathon a day for a month, he also challenged us all to join him wherever we were by doing at least a mile every day in December.  As it was a very doable challenge I decided to, well do it, and I did.  This was the first time ever that I have ran every day, granted most were very small runs of up to three miles but I did it and it certainly helped kick start me and made me want to make plans for next year.

January came and sort of went somehow.   The weather put paid to That's Lyth event which usually starts me off for the year, just didn't want to risk the drive down and back up.  Although I did drive all the way home from marshaling at The Grand Day out in heavy snow but decided not to chance my luck car wise again as we've spent enough on car stuff lately.    However as February rolled around I felt it was time to start buckling down and start on some sort of organized training regime.  So I have started running  more than my rather lazy 2 miles on a Monday night and have made a start on going to track again.  It's painfully slow going so far but will hopefully improve. I've also had a session with the lady who looks after my sports massage and discovered that something in my back was a little out of line, that explains the back pain.  She ironed out several knots and shifted some lymph that was hanging around. Must admit everything felt much better afterwards.

So my plans for this year are to take part in several small running events and one large walking event leading up to July when I will be doing the Lakeland 50 for possibly the last time,  Then there will be The Grand Tour of Skiddaw in September.  I WILL ring that bloody bell.   I haven't made any firm plans for after September but I hope to be heading to Coniston again in October for the Lakeland Trails Challenge,

I will be doing as many other walks and as much adventuring and cross training as I can possibly squeeze in and marshaling when I can.  My aim is to keep this blog up to date and have some interesting things to report and photographs to post.  All in all I'm looking forward to 2016.  Just wishing this rain would go away.  Don't mind the frost as this brings nice crisp clean clear days.  This rain is just annoying now.

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