Saturday, 21 May 2016

Goodness, where has the time Gone.

Thought it was about time I brought this blog up to date, when I started to think about it, I at first thought that perhaps I didn't have much to put in it, but on reflection that's not really true.  Quite a lot has happened since the end of January.  One of the things about getting older is that the medical profession like to start screening for all sorts of things lol.  So in the last few months I've been boobed, bowel'ed, blood tested and undergone my last yearly smear, I get to go back on the 3 year list now yaay.  All tests wonderfully clear thank goodness.  However one thing I did have investigated was my lack of breath.  I've always had a problem with my lungs in the Winter, it was particularly bad early last year when I was floored completely with chest infections.  Back then I was recommended for a visit to the Asthma nurse which I didn't take up, but on coming back from holidays in November I just struggled on hills and even out gentle walks with my walking groups, so thought I'd maybe better go along.  Spirometry test showed a definite problem, was then packed off for an x.ray to rule bad things going on, thankfully the x.ray came back clear.  On discussion with nurse it was decided that I should have an inhaler to use before exercise.

So here's my round up of the year so far.

As mentioned in previous blog spent a day marshaling at the Grand Day out Cumbria.  We had great fun in the snow.
Our marshal spot at the Cockpit

Heading back down into Askham

  After driving home from here in a blizzard, I decided not to push my luck and withdrew from That's Lyth at the end of the month,the weather was horrendous and OH was not too happy about me going on my own and I didn't really want him to come and have to spend a day in Kendal in the rain and wind waiting for me.  So that was that for this year.  Kim would still like to do the route so this is something we can pencil in for later on and there's always next year.

Valentine Run - each year one of the members of our club organizes a brilliant day out of running and socializing at his house.  Called, Frank's Valentine's Run, it's a great day out of running, eating and laughing.  The weather this year was spectacular, warm and sunny in the open but with the bonus of the frost still lying in the shade.
Thank you to Stephen Mohan for the photo.

Then there was the club awards ceremony - ok it's not training but a great night of watching all the different people collecting their awards, then a bit of drinking and dancing yaay.

Getting on with my training in my own way.  Running club on Monday and when I can make it track on Thursday's. Since becoming "retired" I've dropped half of my monthly income (our monthly income i should say) so therefore some things have to take a back seat occasionally, I don't always have the petrol or the spare change etc., but the up side is I have time for lots and lots of walking and some trail and hills.  Doug, track coach organised a  "Devil Takes the Hindmost" competition, guess who was first to be taken lol. 

Lakeland Trails - Cartmel
One of the Lakeland Trails I hadn't done so basically just had to do it and what a great day out it was.  Another really warm and sunny day made it just perfect for running and seeing the wonderful views.  Met some clubmates before the start, both way faster than me though. 

In our club hoodies before the start.

Time for Spring in Lakeland, this is an LDWA walk I've wanted to do for a long time.  My friend Kim and I signed up ages ago, in fact I think we were about the first names on the list and I was really looking forward to it.  Marissa and Kona came down with me for a drive and to keep me company there and back. We had a fantastic journey down which because of the road closure we had to go up and over Kirkstone Pass.   Happy memories of my many journeys up and down marshaling at Lakes Sky Ultra last year.  We were nice and early and got a parking space but they soon filled up and poor Kim had to park about 2 miles away and walk in to the start.  Club mates Kim and Jo were also there and after the first few miles we all just stayed together.  I have to say this is the hardest walk I've ever done, it seemed to be un-relentingly up, there were downs but even they were hard lol.  The walk up through the waterfalls to Tarn Hows was spectacular and I'm going back to spend more time just savouring it.  We had, had to set off late and did have one or two navigation issues on the way so we did take quite a while.  The checkpoint guy at the last checkpoint asked if we wanted to quit.  Bossy boots here said hell no, quit 3 miles from the end, no way lol.  There is a possibility we were in the last few to finish., but finish we did, still within the time limit. There were an awful lot of runners on this event, but it's still a walk and the cut off reflects this thank goodness (in this case).  Oh and it was another stoater of a day as we say here in Scotland. Very warm and sunny yet again.  

Jo P with a very familiar back drop.  Looking back over the L50 route.

Added excitement on the drop into Coniston and a reminder to me how and why I really dislike this descent. One of the runners fell and hurt her leg was unable to weight bear and had to have the  services of this big bird.

Time for the first big one of the year - Keswick to Barrow Walk.  Kim has had so many good things to say about this walk that I couldn't resist getting myself signed up as part of walking team Jaffa Cakes and Jelly Babies.  This was the 50th anniversary of the walk so was a rather special day.  New for his year was a slightly different route.  The road closures and safety concerns resulted in one or two route changes, with the addition of a rather nasty (well nasty to people who only walk on road, see pic) very rough section from Elterwater into Tilberthwaite.  I saw so many places in the Lakes that were new to me on this walk.  I loved it, although blisters made the last 10 miles agony and I sort of didn't really appreciate that part scenery wise as I had my head down and my teeth gritted just to make it to the end.  Kim pulled out after Lowick and I was on my own, I missed her being there at the end to share it, but a IT band problem added to family commitments meant it wasn't to be.  Perhaps next year.  

So there we have it a slightly more productive few months that I originally thought.  I enjoy what I do and know that I am getting older, some days things hurt lol, my fingers, my knees, my elbows I don't push it on those days, but other days all is well with the world. I love watching the dots, and am inspired by what people are doing out there.  Women pushing the boundries, like Jasmine Paris and Nicky Spinks are so wonderful and seeing what my own club mates are achieving this year is fantastic..........and there is more to come.

PS  Tried out the inhaler for the first time at Keswick to Barrow.  Red Bank - what Red Bank.  Made quite a difference so onwards and upwards.

PPS what is it about this year that it seems to have rained nearly every day except those days I had events.  The sun has shone on every outing this year so far.  

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