Thursday, 29 September 2011

Autumn and keeping things ticking over..

It's my favourite season, Autumn, I can't really explain why but I think it may have something to do with the colours, the fruitfulness, the misty mornings and cold crisp days, although I must admit that today it's not very Autumnal, just wet and miserable.  

Getting back into routine, club on Mondays and Thursdays and lots of short runs and walks with Kona.   Will be putting my gym membership to use shortly by getting back to yoga, swimming and if I can make it down to the town in time a spin class or two.  I must admit that my gym membership has been gathering dust and depleting my bank account since July, but I always get more use out of it in Autumn and Winter than the other two seasons.

Will be plodding my way round Keilder in two weeks time, using the tried and tested strategy of run/walk/chat/photograph things.  You can see how seriously how I am taking the event.   Why I entered is a mystery, well perhaps not, I think I thought that I'd never manage Lakeland 50 so wanted another event to look forward to and I do love the area.   All the runners from Northumberland that I have met so far are marvellous, friendly encouraging people, and last year this was a very friendly event.  I however think that it's overpriced, and the event team seem a little inflexible from what I've been hearing.

Anyway I am keeping the legs etc., ticking over and enjoying mixing up the training with some running and some walking with Kona at one of my favourite places Drumlanrig Castle and Country Estate.   I have a season ticket to the estate which is a special place for me for various reasons, so we can head on up there any time the notion takes me.  The trails are varied and lead off in all directions giving a great variety of training opportunities.  There are little gems around every corner. In fact I find the woods very magical. which could have something to do with reading too many fairy tales as a child.   I plan to take the mountain bike up when the season finishes, so that I can get Kona used to coming along with it.   At the moment there are still some touristy people about and while she's no problem off leash while running and walking I'm not sure about the bike etc.

 Through the Beechwoods.
 The road less travelled.   Not many of the castle visitors head up here.
 The hills in the above photo form the start of the Lowther range and where I did a bit of training for Lakeland.  I fully intend getting to know them and the Lowthers much better in the coming year. It's funny that they've always been there but it took a race in The Lake District to get me out exploring them.
Kona at the start of one of our favourite routes. Just over the top of the rise lie two small lochs, Beech and Coldstream.   Kona always has a swim in both.

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