Sunday, 8 January 2012

And so it begins.....

Plans are made and work has started on my journey.   As part of my training I have entered a few hilly 14 milers and a nice flat marathon as I really need to get my running back on track.  I have also invested in a treadmill, yes I know, but a friend was selling his very cheaply and I couldn't resist.  I intend to use it to do intervals and walking practice.  It will also be very handy for other members of the family.

So what is the planned training.

Running increasing mileage week by week and attending speedwork sessions regularly.   One of the girls has also arranged trail running? by headtorch in a local forest.  Why the question mark, let me explain this person
has no experience of the dark and when I mentioned this last year she was horrified, so to begin with I'm not sure how much running will happen.  Have registered for Parkrun and fully intend to attend.  
I must note that at the last handicap I was knackered, really knackered and am waiting to see the results to find out if I was worse than this time last year, certainly felt like it.

Walking going to continue with my dog walking group as often as possible, we do some great walks in the forests etc.   Will also be hill walking with my daughter and her friend.  Daughter has a big plan for her birthday, more of that later.
The photo is of Kona and her friend Sooty at Great Hill Trig point near Loch Ettrick.  It was very claggy not much of a view today.

That's the first week in then, let the mayhem commence.

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