Friday, 20 January 2012

Week 2

Well it's began, the training and no I didn't skip week one but used it as a sort of lets get going week
So what about week 2.

Club night ran 2 miles with a new beginner, one who has only just started to come to club, she did very well.  I always  hope that I've helped them and that they have had a nice time and want to come back.  Most do and then within a few weeks they're all running faster and longer than me LOL.

Headtorch run in Mabie Forest, black dark so a good night to try out the headtorches.  I had a bit of a moment about 1 mile in when I realised that there was no way I could keep up with the others, not only can I not run like them, but my eyesight isn't great so I need a bit of time to take in what I'm seeing.  Anyway when I caught up with them I just said that I wouldn't be able to do this again.(perhaps a little peevishly when I think back)  Maggie bless her stayed with me while the others went on.  Once she had calmed my fears about holding every one back and boosted my morale a bit I started to get into the way of it and really enjoyed it.  That's the very first night run done, obviously I've walked in the dark quite a bit, but not actually ran. Here's a piccie of Dumfries lights from Mabie, not good quality but it was dark and it's only a camera phone.
  Since then a fellow Lakeland 50 competitor has come back to club.  We both run at about the same speed so we are going to team up to practice night running.  We'll set off with the other Wednesday night runners, but just do our own thing.  So that's brilliant, couldn't be better really.  She's someone I know quite well not just from club but from taking part in some of the Lakeland Trails series, no doubt there will be a lot of planning and comparing of plans done on the runs.

Speedplay 3 half mile efforts with jog recovery in between, and yes I did jog them.  The night was bitterly cold so it good to keep moving.  

Dog walking group, 6 miles through Mabie Forest, yes Mabie again. A lovely frosty morning, bright and sunny but cold.   All dogs and humans had great fun.  I had to rush off at the end to come home for work, all the others disappeared into "The Shed" cafe for yummy cake and hot choc etc.,    

There then that's the first full week done, and as far as I'm concerned a good start.  Hopefully the rest of the weeks will go a bit like this, with increasing mileage for both running and walking.  Speedsessions and practice in the dark and on varied terrrain.    

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