Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hills,Hills and Hills.

Training is stepping up a notch now.  Running is going well, continuing as usual with Monday nights, not much mileage here at the moment because I am taking out a couple of new beginners, this suits me because it makes a nice recovery after the weekends.  Wednesday nights have now become Headtorch Run nights at Mabie Forest.  Still on the same route but will hopefully be branching out (get it) when Kerry rejoins us.  She is an orienteer and knows the Mabie trails very well.   Trying to get to speedplay when I can on Thursdays.

Hillwalking have managed out into the hills on a couple of weekdays with Kona and Rissa.  Wearing plenty of layers as both days were bitterly cold, but not too cold to be out and about.   The first expedition saw us up among the Durisdeer Hills, Kona always has a great time up hills, I just wish it was as easy for me as it is for her, she's a born mountain labragoat.

Second Trip we headed up to Morton Castle and walked up to the Roman Fortlet on the top of the hill, as you will see from the photos it was a bit blustery up there and the hills further on were well covered with snow.  I saw a route which would make a brilliant run, perhaps I can persuade some of my running club buddies to come up for the day.

The end of January saw one of the what is fast becoming staples of my year "That's Lyth".  For those who don't know this is a
walk organised by the LDWA.  This year there was a slight change of route, which took up across the top of the fell after the Memorial Cairn instead of straight down.  I found the loop at the bottom a bit of an irritation I'm sure they could have missed it out and not detracted from the walk.  I met up with one of the LDWA chappies from down South, apparantly he writes articles for Strider magazine.  He was very interesting and gave me lots of tips on walking and advised me to take up Fellrunning, I did wonder if he'd been at the magic mushrooms LOL.   Here are a couple of piccies from that day.

So basically that's been January, roll on the rest of February and getting out and about in the hills again.  I really must get back to the Gym though, as it's a bit of a waste of money to get some use out of my membership.

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