Tuesday, 21 February 2012


The Sunday before St. Valentine's Day saw myself and several club members descend upon the tiny hamlet of Glenmidge, for Frank's annual Valentine run and get together.  As usual a number of routes were available to run depending on how many miles you wanted to do.  I opted for 5 as this was the off road one, and one I know very well which as I thought I'd be myself seemed the best choice.  As it happened Donald and Satay joined me.  This was Satay's first off road adventure and she really enjoyed it.  Donald not so much as he doesn't relish off road, but as he felt the others were in the Gazelle category it was safer to stay with me and not get lost.  I have been doing this route for a couple of years and I rather think this was the quickest time to the ruin from the start I've ever done, must be getting fitter.  Some day I'll run from the start right to the ruin without stopping (some day lol).  I've put a couple of pictures on below just to show the view.  If I could build a house anywhere in the area I think it would be here.  A bit isolated perhaps but my what a place to live.  From the ruin the route snakes down through some pine trees to the Lag Tower, then on road for a while until a sharp right through an old farm steading and up a lovely steep grassy lane to some fields, across the fields and then down onto the road for the final half mile or so back to Glenmidge and a blissful hot shower.  Frank and his wife laid on such a spread, soup, rolls, pudding, drinks hot cold and alcoholic. We even had our youngest member V & P's baby girl,she was very good and had every one enthralled with her cuteness. Our oldest could have been Frank's Mum who must be well into her eighties not running of course but making sure we were all well fed and looked after. Much banter and club talk of races, runs and folk all in all a great day out.

Training for the rest of the week.
Monday Running club "Bring a friend" week, this is another thing which seems to have become an annual event.  Lovely to see new people, some of whom want to start running and some who are just curious about what their friend sees in this running lark.
Tuesday - rest.
Wednesday - Headtorch run at Mabie with Kerry.  4 miles.  Fastest yet, so getting better. Changing route and upping by a mile next week though.
Thursday - Speedplay - not a good night, since getting my new set of road shoes I've never really felt comfortable in them specially when I try to run faster, they just feel heavy, foamy and totally unresponsive.  Each footfall feels like I'm thumping down and the energy is going nowhere.  So after having a chat with one of the speedy guys I decided it was time to try something new.     Hence a trip to town next day to buy new shoes.   I am trying out an adidas pair which don't look too different from my Kanadias just a much brighter "pink" how girly.  Will be trying them out on Monday.

Several of daughters friends have booked into this "Tough Mudder" extreme adventure race at Drumlanrig Castle.  I've looked it up on the website and it looks awesome and very very tough.  Not for me with my lack of spatial awareness the potential for injury is quite high, but Riss and I have offered to guide Jax through my beloved Castle Woods, plotting the route and getting her familiar with both it and the terrain.    First outing planned for Sunday piccies to follow.

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