Sunday, 1 April 2012

Update to 27th March.

Eeek having just written a blog about all this I pressed the wrong key and have just deleted all I wrote.  Very frustrating.  Suffice it to say End of February and into March have been busy.  So what I'm going to do is upload the photos again and write a few comments for each.

Training has been going along quite well, at my own pace and in my own way.  I've been walking, running and toddling up a few hills.  Hopefully you'll enjoy a look at the photos.  I will be blogging about our Lake District Adventure shortly.

Shortly after this photo was taken Josie bit Kona which resulted in an out of hours visit to the vet, hence we had one very expensive walk along the beach.   Brilliant beach for a training run though.   Added to must do list.  (Josie was "rounding" Kona up at the time, no nastiness intended.)

Club Run from Beattock to Ae.
The idea of this run was that the faster runners started at the bottom of the "Crooked Road" and the slower runners at the top.  The  premise was that groups would form naturally and everyone should finish is stages not too far apart.  This didn't exactly happen, I ran on my own expecting to be last back, but low and behold 2 groups got slightly lost and I wasn't last LOL.  Ran with full pack on for practice.

Garroch Recce
One very good thing about training for this run is that it's getting me out and about in my own backyard, exploring my local hills.   Here are a couple of pictures taken on a recce walk up Garroch.
Plenty of follow on routes to come from this one.

The first picture shows one of the many Burn crossings on the route and the second I call my very own Mini Garburn Pass.

Other Runs have included.
The Dent Run -  14 miles of undulations, but nevertheless a brilliant club day out.  Was slow as usual but not as slow as last year which was a relief.
The usual Monday night club runs which are slow and short, but I love going out with the beginners. It's great to see someone who didn't think they'd ever be able to run complete their first mile then their second and then their third.  The woman I'm taking out just now is entering her first 5k event and I've said  I will run with her.
One or two medium distance (at present) road runs around home.  Longest being approx 8 miles.  One was especially challenging as it's uphill for 2.50 miles, well it's actually longer but the darkness was falling and I thought it best to start heading back down before it got completely dark.  Country roads are not the best to be running on without some sort of Hi Viz or headtorch. 

The One Show Sport Relief Mile.
A couple of club mates and I did our bit for Sport Relief by taking part in the above.  Must say it was great fun, the banter in the mini bus was amazing.  Not sure why I always bite my lip when getting photos taken.  I may look like I've no teeth.

So that basically has been that up until now.  I pulled out of the Coniston 14 mainly because of the fuel crisis, but also it's been a very hectic month workwise.  Also was just back from recceing in the Lakes so also probably tired and easily persauded.   

Blog about recce days to follow.

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