Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Good Grief another month nearly gone....

Well really now, how time is flying.  What have I been doing, time to take stock.  Since my last blog I've been actually quite constant, just chipping away at the training steadily and concentrating on getting to grips so to speak with all sorts of terrain.  I've even started swimming again yaaay.

At the end of March M. Kona  and I headed down to Keswick to stay in my favourite B & B,  Larry's Lodge, so that we could do the above recce's.   A great time was had in Keswick I recommend The Pheasant for a lovely and reasonably priced meal.  M announced the baby back ribs were the best she'd ever tasted.    Also did a bit of shopping an purchased a Last Drop 10l backpack.  

Day 1 Pooley Bridge to Howtown - Very  very hot almost as hot as last years race day.   Thoroughly enjoyable saunter across to Howtown and leisurely sail back on the steamer.

Glorious Ullswater and that's a heat haze as I said extremely hot for late March.

Late afternoon just after the steamer docked at Pooley Bridge.

Day 2 Howtown to - well it was supposed to be Mardale Head but.....

Well we got a little waylaid shopping in Keswick so only made it as far as the final push to High Kop, another hot day but an enjoyable one.

Did however have time for a short detour to Gowk Fell.   Now there's a view, splendid.

Must admit to being a little tired after our couple of days away and partly because of that, and partly because of the (so called) fuel crisis I cancelled my entry for the Coniston 14, in a way I was relieved but in another disappointed with myself as I had been looking forward to it.  Will enter again next year though.

This month has been mostly spent in the hills.   M, Kona and I have been exploring in our local hills at Durisdeer, getting to know them quite well now. 

We also had an excursion up to Green Lowther, now that was interesting, part of the way is home to a section of The Southern Upland Way, but it's also a Radar Station and has a private road running up to the masts and things.   So a mixture of hill and road very intriguing.

My running is doing what my running does, there have been some excellent runs and there have been some |OK runs and there has been at least one stinker of a run where I felt hellish, no mojo, sore legs, general CBA, but on checking my time it was actually not too bad so it must just have been one of those nights.
Dog walking on a Sunday has been continuing and we've had some cracking walks, some of which could become running routes for Kona and I very shortly.
Have also decided to stop lining Duncan Bannatynes pockets and getting nothing in return so have started swimming again.   Was amazed on my return to the gym to find that all well almost all of the machines have been replaced with new swanky things, on which you can play games eeek how amazing.  So will have to be getting back upstairs again to try them out.

Our next excursion was quite exciting.  I'll get cracking on that blog then LOL.

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