Friday, 10 October 2014

What Now?

The Past The Present and the Future ---all in a few lines good eh.

The Past - has well, passed now and in the past it must remain, I rather like that sentiment, but before I leave it there, I really must say a few words about a recent achievement.  I managed to shave 4 minutes and about 30 seconds off my time for the Coniston Challenge.   A brilliant day was had at Coniston, as usual, traveled down with a running buddy and we had a ball. 
Maureen and I at the end of the challlenge, she was quicker than me by about 4 mins, so her and her hubby cheered me in.

Thanks to Maureen for the photo.


The Present - back to training and back to trackwork on Thursdays when I can get there in time.  Last night's session was hard, but I only had one single time of wanting to sack it, so things are improving.  Usually I have several.  Getting out on the trails on Wednesday nights (in the dark now) with Maureen and her wee band.  Monday nights are always beginners night at club and Sundays mostly reserved for dog walking group.  Marissa and I have been out exploring and looking for new routes for walking and running and the healthy eating regime is going very indeed.  I love finding new things to eat and expanding my range of dishes.  Marissa is a good cook so that's a help however she is not so good at the cleaning up after herself.  

The Future- I will be continuing and delving deeper into the darkside but, well now, here is where I have a dilemma, just what to enter I have one or two things in mind both of which could prove to be huge challenges for me, one more than the other I must say, do I want to enter both or concentrate all effort on just one?  Do I want to enter the 3 day event in the Lakes again and challenge myself navigationally, having been trying to sound out my OH as to what he feels about being abandoned again.Or do I enter The Fling and try my hardest - cut off points tricky here.  I know I want to do more LDWA events as they are great value for money and brilliant training for distance.  Then there's the Keswick to Barrow event, what about it? What about a road marathon, it might be nice to have another shot, but which one or do I want to tackle one on trails as this is where my real joy comes from?  
However the real point here is Isn't it just brilliant that I have the choice, there's so much out there to attempt.  So will keep things ticking over until Christmas and then buckle down again.  Who knows what Santa will bring LOL.


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