Thursday, 6 November 2014

It's raining cats and dogs and I'm indoors planning........

Next year is going to be all about two events, everything I do is going to be in preparation for



So there we go I've said it out loud now and for once I'm not afraid to tell people.  I'm not worried in the least about what anyone thinks or says.  I understand that I'm never going to be a proper ultra runner but I will do what I do and keep going as long as I can and is safe to do so. 

What's more to the point is to enjoy getting out there and being part of something spectacular and fun.

So now that I seem not to be having a breakdown because of work I can get on with making plans for the New Year.  Some of my friends are doing the Fling and some are also doing the Lakeland50 so there could be opportunities for some joined up thinking if not training.  I have my eye on the Lakeland Trails Series and various other events depending on time and money.

What is free though is all the wonderful countryside around me and the company of the amazing Kona dog for adventuring. 

Watch this space.

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