Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Hey I've found a hero

It's funny how things happen......

In my last post I talked about how I had two goals for this year. Well half the year has gone now and the first goal has not exactly been realized.  Not going to go into a whole post-mortem about the Great Lakeland 3 Day.  I was so looking forward to it and I was well prepared, not to run it obviously but to walk and enjoy it.  The first day started well but the weather deteriorated on the way up Black Sail Pass and we were battered by wind,rain and hail.  
Soaking wet and unable to keep upright we decided that as the forecast was for much of the same even worse that we would pull out and live to fight another day.  

  However I did learn that my navigation skills have improved greatly and that I can put up my tent like a pro now.  So not sure about next year, but there is that thing about unfinished business again.   I would like to do more of the same before I get too old lol.

One thing that did happen is that I met and chatted with Ian Corless, of Talk Ultra fame, and decided that it was time I really got on with catching up with my podcasts that were backing up on my i.pod.   

My new car has an AUX point which has been very handy, I love listening to the pod casts in the car and it was during one of the shows that I listened to this American guy - Vinnie Tortorich and found what he was talking about fascinating.  He advocates this way of eating called NSNG which is no sugar no grains.   I've known for a while I have been eating far too much bread and I mean way too much bread.  I've felt quite ill since I finished at work partly stress because of having to sign on and partly because my eating pattern went haywire.  I've also had a chest infection which just wouldn't go away, in fact for a while I thought I might be slightly asthmatic.   What this chap was saying seemed to make sense so I sent for his book and started checking out the web for ideas and inspiration, and listening to his pod-casts. I am now trying to eat as clean as I can, no processed food, loads of vegetables, cutting down on cheap thrill snacks, proper food in other words.  I haven't cut out bread completely as that habit of 2 slices of toast in the morning for breakfast is hard to break, but I have started to try out gluten free bread.  

I don't tend to consume that much actual sugar, none in tea or coffee, I don't eat cereal or drink fizzy drinks.  I like a sweetie though so for the moment those have gone. 

This last week I have started to feel much better I've lost a little weight and I feel less bloated and less sluggish.  I feel my digestion has improved and so has my breathing and I had these phlegm problems, was continually clearing my throat and coughing, those have gone.  So far so good.  Let's see how it goes. 

Next up on the agenda is the Grand Tour of Skiddaw, so I suppose I should really get my running shoes on and start training. 

Watch this space.................................

My friend Kim on last years event. 

Photo James Kirkby 

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