Monday, 13 March 2017

Some musings

Well it's been a few months since I wrote anything in't blog so think it's time to post a couple of paragraphs.

I feel that I've been lazy but funnily enough looking back I've not been THAT lazy,just a bit lazy lol.

October saw Kim and I heading off to do one of the Three Rings of Shap (Ring 2) which takes you from Shap out through Great Asby Nature Reserve to Gaythorne Hall and back to Shap probably about 22 miles all in   It was a super walk, very scenic with quite differing terrains. it is our intention to complete all three rings.

On the 15th of this month I attended Trail Fest in Glasgow (Mugdock Park)  the speakers were excellent particularly enjoyed the Consani's and Gary Tompsett and James Stewart.   Hopefully I might be able to persuade other people into coming next year.

To finish off the month Jax, Kerry and I travelled down to Pooley Bridge to tackle the Ullswater Way Day organised by Nav4.  Although we came home on the Boat of Shame we completed 14 miles and I managed to tick of another Wainwright - Gowbarrow.  Got to say for most of the day we had a laugh and the part we did was in my estimation the hard bit.  Both Kerry and I have done the second half anyway so felt fine to call it a day and live to fight another day.

As you can see the views were spectacular.

Credit to Nav4 for the photo.

November - almost a write because of a very nasty chest infection.
However I did manage to recover enough to take Kona on an adventure with Kim and I in the Lakes.  We went from Askham to the Cockpit, from there to Lowther Castle and back to Askham,  Had a nice relaxed day and even managed to do some graveyard exploring and had time to partake of a nice afternoon tea and scone at Lowther Castle itself. 

December - came and went - I did the RED runner thing again which kept me moving through the month and hopefully kept some of the Christmas excess poundage at bay a bit.

So the year drew to a close and January loomed, can't say much about the weather it just seemed cold, wet and miserable.  A few days of frost but not enough.  Now January brings the event I always (up till now) have kick started my year with That's Lyth.  We missed it last year because of the snow but was determined to get there this year and show Kim what a great event it is.  Now to say I was left at the end of this deflated and feeling like I'd been kicked in the teeth is an understatement.  I am so totally upset with LDWA that I will not be renewing my membership.  I don't disagree with cut offs in the least or in removing at risk people from a course but to remove us 3 miles from the end with an hour and a half to cut off time in my book is disgraceful. We were more than capable of finishing within time and were in no way distressed.  We had up to this point been thoroughly enjoying the walk and the scenery perhaps we were slow but we were having fun, photographing things, chatting to people etc.,  If they only had the hall booked until a certain time they should of made that clear on the cut off stated. I wonder when it became a race.  A well never mind, but I still feel very sad that after many years of loyal membership we were treated in such a way.    I've not encountered in my marshaling duties anything like this, we always make sure the last people on the course are treated really well, food is always kept for them and every effort made to ensure they are looked after and have a great event.  Yes cut offs are cut offs but they're not cut offs until that point has passed. 

So having to make an effort to put that disappointment behind me and move on, we move into February and it starts going tits up, both socially and healthwise.  More chest infection and something else I'm waiting on the results of blood tests for, if they come back positive then that may explain something if not then I really need to seriously think about things and get my backside in gear.    Watch this space.

Roll on SPRING.

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