Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Time to face reality, I am never ever going to make an ultra runner.  I was going to completely change the name of the blog but as I'm sure no-one but me ever reads it I decided why bother.

This blog thing is basically a way of me keeping a sort of diary of my adventuring so have just added that to the title. 

Have just completed the GL3Day a feat I am rather proud of regardless of mistakes made, hey as long as you learn from your mistakes eh.  We tended to take rather a relaxed approach to the whole thing, in hindsight perhaps a bit too relaxed.  Setting off earlier each day would of ensured we finished in better time.  Learned a lot about navigation and managed to tick off a couple of Wainwrights and had a great time on all three days.

My friend Jax and I are in training for a half marathon at the end of May, it's been quite fun although we are a bit worried about the cut off time.  It's been quite a while since I did anything like this - looking forward to it - really.

So what's in the future - well more of the same as I've been doing but without any dreams or un-realistic targets.  In a way it's been brought home to me in this last week that in the end it doesn't matter much in the great scheme of things,  What does matter to me is enjoying life, getting out there seeing the countryside, ticking of hills as and when I can without caring if I tick them all. No time scales, no pressure, no wanting to be something I'll never be.  

I am still in awe of those who do  amazing things, who climb mountains, who run mountains and vast distances, who can run and navigate at the same time lol and I will continue to be in awe, all respect to them. I will continue to follow their exploits with pleasure.  

So I say to myself Watch This Space.

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